New York City Department of Finance (NYC DOF)

The (NYC DOF) is a department of the New York government that manages all the finance and revenue of the state. The main objective of this department is the collection of taxes, recording all the financial deeds, important documents, and many more.

The Department of Finance of New York City was established in 1986. This department is an executive department that only belongs to the state. It is divided into various bureaus like administrative courts and that was controlled by the civil Sheriff officer of the city. This department performs various functions like abatement programs, tax collection, and more. The building of this department is located in the city and more than 2100 employees work in this department the agency that controls it is the Preston Niblack agency which performs all the functions in the state.


The Department of Finance of New York City was first owned by the Dutch people. After some time, these came under the control of England and then the name of the city changed to New York City. The main objective of the Department of Finance is to provide equal rights to all the human beings present in this city and also provide the laws of the city with honesty and fairly. This department collects taxes and revenues from the different people and then they just take it away from them.

As we all know New York City is also known as the financial capital city of the United State because it proved itself as the financial revenue of America after the failure of the Bank of America and that support the state very much with its taxes and finance. New York City is considered the world of finance and the financial district of America. We can also consider it the world’s largest finance center because it provides various fiancĂ© support to the whole state and runs many departments under that funding in finance. All the data is then transferred to the federal government which decides what they should do with all the money and taxes collected from the city of New York.

The Department of Finance of New York City is under the control of Preston Niblack He is currently in charge department under his leadership the Department of Finance able to collect about 30 billion in taxes from the city and then more than 900 million was given to the city back and ret of them was used in development of the city and providing the basic human rights to the citizen of that city.

Now we will discuss some important functions that were performed by the New York City Department of Finance (NYC DOF).

  • Collecting Taxes, dues, and debts.
  • Recording all the property documents of the citizen.
  • Managing the finances and revenues of the city.
  • Publishing the financial report of the city to the state.
  • Management of debts and accounts
  • provides financial support to the banks of the New York City
  • Collecting all the parking fees and providing the law to all the citizens.

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